Two HCMC students become Boeing interns

Two HCMC students become Boeing interns

Two HCMC students have secured internships at Boeing after the U.S. aviation company came for the first time to Vietnamese universities for campus interviews.

Nguyen Dang Khoa and Le Minh Triet, both 22, majoring in Aerospace Engineering at the HCMC University of Technology, said they were surprised to learn they had won the internship back in April.

"I was on the road at the time," Khoa said.

"When the [person on] the phone congratulated me for securing the internship, I smiled the whole way."


Triet found out a few weeks after Khoa while he was in the lab one day, and immediately informed his family.

He said: "Even my mother couldn't believe it. I thought I was not as good as the others, but maybe I was chosen thanks to my thorough preparation."

Michael Nguyen, director of Boeing Vietnam, has said interns would work in the Vietnamese office for two months and one month at Boeing's facilities in Seal Beach, the U.S.

They would be trained in several aspects of maintenance, and paid in accordance with company policies, he said.

Besides campus interviews at the HCMC University of Technology, the Vietnam Aviation Academy and the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Boeing also looked for candidates in other universities.

Khoa and Triet said the interview consisted of several rounds.

Candidates were required to have a GPA of at least 3.5/4, enrolled in research and other projects and have proficiency English to work in an international environment, they said.

Triet only had a GPA of 3.3, but he decided to apply anyway thanks to his experience in research, internships at national airlines and third prize in a drone design competition in Singapore.

Khoa had a GPA of 3.7, experience in multiple projects in his teacher's lab and done research into delivery drones.


Forty candidates were in the first round of the interviews done by two Boeing executives. Students said each candidate got 25-30 minutes to answer four questions, mainly to test their English proficiency and responsiveness to problems.

Khoa said he did not have any trouble communicating thanks to his 7.0 score in IELTS, research and exchanges with lecturers. Triet has 7.5 and practiced with mock interviews.

The second round with three candidates was held a week later and involved a one-on-one online interview with the Boeing Vietnam director, who asked them about projects they had done.

"This round was quite a breeze for me," Khoa said.

Triet said in the second round he was only asked about himself.

Both were then asked for contact details of lecturers who could provide them with references.

Triet felt the key to interviews is to maintain eye contact and be sincere.

Khoa said candidates should strike a balance between academics, work experience and extracurricular activities.

Ngo Khanh Hieu, head of the internal combustion engine laboratory at the HCMC University of Technology, said both students "are passionate and responsible."

"Boeing needs candidates with creative and innovative thoughts, and sometimes crazy ways to look at issues. I think the brand encourages that."

Their internship begins in Hanoi in June.

Cre: VnExpress International (Bình Minh)


Candidates must be trained and graduated at FTOs/ATOs according to the list approved by CAAV and recognized by the airlines.

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