Vietravel Airlines is the first travel airline ever in Vietnam

As a member of Vietravel Group - the leading tour operator in Vietnam, Vietravel Airlines wish to accompany customers to explore new destinations, experience fascinating cultures, so that each journey is an unforgettable memory.

Vietravel Airlines has become the first airline brand to be established during the period of Covid-19 causing direct effects.

According to the decision on 03/04/2020 on approving the investment policy, The Prime Minister agreed to establish Vietravel Airlines. Thus, this is an airline established in the pandemic season, when the tourism and airline industry are facing difficulties and decreases in revenue due to Covid-19.

Vietravel Airlines will be an airline brand associated with tourism, providing domestic and international air transport services within the Asia area, contributing to the improvement of Vietnam's air transport capacity and travel tourism industry.

Vietravel Airlines aims to operate flights on Airbus, Boeing, or equivalent, with 03 aircrafts in the first year, then gradually increase to 08 ones in the second year of operation.






The alley

After 25 years of sustainable development, from pioneers to leaders, we have woven miraculous journeys and become a valuable part of your life. The values ​​that we strive in that direction are: "New value, Trust value and Outstanding value".

At Vietravel, we believe that every customer deserves those good values. With that belief, we aspire to reach out further to accompany you on every trip and bring new experiences with countless levels of emotions that are hard to describe in words.

Vietravel now, with the youthful bravery of "Pioneers", we implement the declaration carrying a humanistic message: "Stretch your wings, reach out, sublimate your emotions". Accompanying you, we understand that, with each step of discovery, you will reach further in knowledge and get richer in life values.


+ Make Vietravel a core value in your life

+ The values ​​that we always aim for are: New value, Trust value and Outstanding value


+ Pioneers


+ Professionalism in service

+ Emotions sublimated throughout the trip

+ Add value to life

Airlines fleet and network



Vietravel Airlines is proud to own a new, modern and environmentally friendly fleet, the first three A321CEO aircrafts of Vietravel Airlines are under 6 years old averagely, can set up flight network covering destinations in Vietnam and international routes to countries in Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia. A321CEO aircraft has capacity of 220 passengers, is a highly reliable aircraft with low operating costs, many advantages in fuel economy and environmental protection.

Vietravel Airlines' fleet stands out both when flying in the sky and when parked in the apron with the youthful, simple and loaded brand identity on the hull. As the first travel airline in Vietnam, with young target customers who like a liberal lifestyle, love to travel, explore, and fashion, the airline has designed aircraft in yellow, white and blue, in which the golden wing symbol represents the desire to conquer the blue sky, the aspiration to rise and explore the world (Open Your World) contributes to take Vietnamese customers to new horizons and attract international travellers to explore a beautiful Vietnam.

Vietravel Airlines is still looking for reputable aircraft manufacturers to add to the current fleet in the airline's expansion and development orientation approved by the Government. With this modern fleet, Vietravel Airlines recruits a team of professional, dedicated and kind pilots and flight attendants. Vietravel Airlines commits to offer professionalism, value and sublimation emotions to customers, create freshness in Vietnam's aviation industry.




Join us to explore Vietnam for extraordinary experience on the most comfortable and spacious airplanes in the world. Wherever you go, when you travel with Vietravel Airlines, you will fly in one of the most modern and most fuel-efficient aircraft in the sky.


For any further question, do not hesitate to contact us:
Tel:    + 84 28 2222 8899     +84 793 634 724     +84 968 176 742



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