Quit graphic design to pursue the dream of conquering the sky

Quit graphic design to pursue the dream of conquering the sky!!

Instead of working as a graphic designer with a degree, Thuy Khanh (27 years old) decided to study a pilot, currently a co-pilot of Pacific Airlines.

Returning from Korea to Tan Son Nhat airport after nearly 6 hours of flying, co-pilot Mai Thi Thuy Khanh immediately moved to the BAA Training Vietnam training center to meet with colleagues and discuss the situation encountered during the flight. Control the “iron bird” and practice in the cockpit of the flight simulator (SIM). She attracts the opposite person with her bright appearance, small body and professional style. Few people know before that, she studied for 4 years in graphic design at the University of Architecture, Ho Chi Minh City.


Having a mother who works in the aviation industry, as a child, Khanh loved the feeling of “flying” in the sky, watching the clouds and the picturesque beauty from the plane’s window. However, the 7-8 year old girl at that time had not yet clearly defined her career dream. When she was in high school, she didn’t like any major, and took the Architecture University exam simply because she could draw.

During her five months as a student, Thuy Khanh worked enough part-time jobs, including graphic design, to gain practical experience and understand more about the industry she would stick with. But the more she did it, the more she realized that she didn’t fit the “receiving projects, running deadlines” wheel.

She revealed: “I like freelance work, don’t have to bring home unfinished drawings, don’t like the feeling of chasing deadlines. From the third year, I intend to give up the field of study, switch to a daring industry. more,” said Khanh. After graduation, she returned to her childhood passion of “conquering the sky”. The turning point in her life begins here. Instead of interacting directly with passengers, she prefers to sit in front of the plane. “It sounded quite majestic and ouch, at that time, I really wanted to try,” Khanh said.

At first, Khanh’s family was surprised and did not agree because they thought the child was impulsive, only changing for a moment, not intending to stick around for a long time. It took her a year to convince her family to accept her “full life as a pilot”. Only when I saw that I was really determined, Thuy Khanh’s grandfather, mother and uncle collected money accumulated over the years and borrowed more money to send me to school.


“I find myself selfish, only insisting on personal interests, not thinking about my family. The cost of pilot training is very expensive – 200,000 USD (nearly 4.6 billion VND). This huge amount is a burden to bear. It’s heavy for the whole family. I’m grateful when my relatives support me,” she said.

After completing the tests, she enrolled to study theory in Ho Chi Minh City, then went to the US to learn basic flying. Every time I sit in the cockpit to practice, Khanh is very excited.

The first flight of the Vietnamese girl was supported by an American teacher. She recalls: “The moment I took off by myself made me emotional. I really liked the feeling of being in control of the plane and the sky, the sunset outside was beautiful. I had no difficulty in manipulating my feet. release the brake, push the throttle and the steering wheel. At that time, I thought I was suitable and loved this job.”

However, Khanh encountered many challenges, sometimes bursting into tears because of not completing assignments, wrong manipulations and strict requirements of the discipline. Instead of giving up halfway, she told herself to think about why she started and persevere through difficulties. After completing her course in the US, she obtained three licenses for private flying, instrumentation and commercial flying.

After that, she went to Singapore to learn the training course to convert Airbus A320 aircraft. Returning home, she joined an airline, then joined Pacific Airlines.

After nearly 5 years of work and more than 700 hours of flying, until now, Mach Thuy Khanh is still facing the stereotype that “women are difficult to make a deal of” and that flying is only for men. “Many people say they don’t trust and don’t want to get on a plane when they see a female pilot,” she said.

Khanh affirmed that to sit in the co-pilot position like today, she had to trade a lot of things. “If they personally experience the exercises and exams like me, they will no longer have prejudices about girls flying planes. Even, in my course in the US, there are many super talented girls who are better than men. so many”.

Every six months, she and the pilots have to undergo a rigorous test of knowledge and skills, including practice in handling emergency situations. The girl born in 1996 explained this requirement to ensure that when an abnormal situation occurs, the pilot is completely in control of the situation.

The pilot team also constantly faces tests including piloting the plane in bad weather, quick reaction skills to all situations during the flight. “We are constantly learning to improve ourselves.” Besides the pressure, Thuy Khanh and her colleagues have many memorable trips, discovering the scenery, culture and cuisine of your country.

In addition, Khanh is also famous among young people when he set up a YouTube channel to share information related to the aviation industry, answer questions from the audience about what to prepare before becoming a pilot, the content of the training program, training, job opportunities, and the fun of flying.


“In October of this year, I celebrate 5 years of working with the profession. Although going through many difficulties, sometimes thinking I can’t overcome it, luckily until now, I have no intention of giving up. This is the right choice.” , she said. At the 2022 Women’s Conference, Khanh was chosen by Forbes Vietnam as an inspirational figure with the content “Women cherish modern values”.

Mai Thuy Khanh is an inspirational representative for the spirit of “Going forward to living a life full of happiness”, overcoming your limits to reach your dream of conquering the sky. Her story is a motivation for people to bravely pursue their aspirations.

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